About the UCard

The Official UMass Amherst Campus ID Card

What is the UCard?
The UCard is the official UMass Amherst campus picture identification card. There is a student version for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing educations students. And there is a staff version for faculty, administration, and qualifying NENS (non-employee, non-student).

What other services are associated with the UCard?
The UCard has been designed to be the "one card" on campus. In addition to being the official campus id, it also functions as:

See the UCard FAQ for more information about obtaining and using the UCard.

What technologies are incorporated in the UCard?
The UCard currently uses the following three technologies:

  • barcode technology - your library number is printed as a barcode on your UCard. This technology is only used by the 5-College Library System
  • iClass "Smart Card" technology - your UCard contains a contactless smart chip and antenna. This technology is currently used only for residential door access, but will be expanded to non-residential door access and other applications in the future
  • magnetic stripe technology - your UCard has a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. This technology is currently used to access the majority of services associated with the card, including all debit transactions, non-residential door access, and recreational facilities access.