UMass Student Advantage Discount Program

What is the UMass Student Advantage Discount Program?
The UMass Student Advantage Discount is an OPTIONAL five-year, off-campus discount program that can be added to your UCard.

Who can purchase the UMass SA Discount Program?
Incoming and current freshman can purchase the discounted five-year UMass membership. Other interested students have to purchase a membership directly from Student Advantage at the normal $20 per year price.

Where can students use their UMass SA Discount memberships?
In addition to the many national and regional businesses that participate in the Student Advantage program, students can get discounts at a growing number of local businesses as well. Members can also purchase discounted bus tickets online, including trips to and from the Amherst area.

What does a UMass SA discount membership cost?
Purchasing a membership directly from Student Advantage would cost you $20 per year. However, the UCard Office and Student Advantage have negotiated a 5-year membership price of only $45!

Not only do you save $55 on the price of membership, all your membership information is printed directly on your UCard. You don't have to worry about carrying another card!

How do I purchase a membership?
To purchase by check/money order: fill out an Student Advantage Membership Form, and mail the completed form with a $45 check made out to Student Advantage to:

    Student Advantage
    Card Enrollment Services
    280 Summer Street
    Boston, MA 02210

To purchase with credit card: either purchase online at the Student Advantage site , or purchase over the phone by contacting Student Advantage at (800)-347-7554.

Please purchase your membership prior to your orientation date, so that you can receive your SA-enabled UCard when you leave orientation. Otherwise, you will receive a normal UCard at orientation, which you will exchange for your SA-enabled UCard when you come to campus in the fall.

How do I activate my membership?
Once you have your new UCard with your SA membership information, go to and activate your card. Please note that the three-digit UMass security card is listed on the activation web page itself.