Ram Card Information

Ram Card

The Ram Card is the official West Chester University ID card, and so much more! Your Ram Card also holds your meal accounts and your Ram Bucks Account. Ram Bucks is a "Super" debit account, that allows you to make cash-free purchases in dining halls, locations all over campus, at the WCU Campus Store (5% discount on most items paying with Ram Bucks), all Grubhub locations ANYWHERE in the USA as well as many local off-campus locations.

Ram Bucks is an account that is accessed through your Ram Card. You can never spend more than the amount on your account. With using Ram Bucks there are never any worries about bank account security, bounced checks, credit card bills, or interest payments. The Ram Card also provides swipe access into the recreation center, your residence hall, and other campus events. If you are a WCU student, faculty, or staff member, you are eligible for a Ram Card.

Ram Card Account Benefits:

  • Easy activation and replacement of lost/stolen/damaged Ram Cards
  • Safer than carrying cash - Virtually fraud proof. Allows NO ACCESS to your bank accounts
  • No monthly service fees or interest charges like checking or credit card accounts
  • No risk of overdrawn accounts
  • No minimum balance required
  • Convenient to use
  • Account management/information available online anytime
  • Discounts for using the Ram Card at participating locations
  • Budget to meet your estimated expenses
  • Deposit money onto a Ram Card easily and securely

Estimated Semester Student Expenses

Textbooks: $300 - $450
School Supplies: $50 - $100
Additional Retail Dining: $150 - $300
Miscellaneous Expenses: $100 - $150
Estimated Semester Total: $600 - $1000

By initiating transactions with a Ram Card, the cardholder agrees to the Ram Card Terms & Conditions which are available to view on this website under the "Terms & Conditions" link to the left.

How to obtain a Ram Card

For Students: All currently enrolled students of West Chester University are eligible for a Ram Card. First year and transfer undergraduate students attending the orientation program will have be able to upload their picture and will receive their Ram Cards when they move into their residence hall or attend the second part of orientation. All other students (including transfer students NOT attending the orientation program and graduate students) may obtain their Ram Card from the Ram Card Office located on the ground floor of the Sykes Union Building, across from the WCU Campus Store (See "Ram Card Fees" below). A valid, government-issued, photo ID is required to be shown when obtaining an initial Ram Card.

For Faculty/Staff: Make sure you have been entered into the payroll system with an active flag for at least 24 hours (this usually takes about two weeks from completing and submitting all necessary paperwork to Human Resources). New Faculty/Staff should call the Ram Card office during business hours to check if their information has uploaded to the ID card system (different from the university's system). Bring the Employee ID Authorization Form from Human Resources (can be obtained for HR at 201 Carter Drive) to the Ram Card Office. There is no charge for your initial Ram Card with the ID authorization Form. A valid, government-issued, photo ID is required to be shown when obtaining an initial Ram Card.

Ram Card Fees

Initial Undergraduate Student ID: $20.00
Initial Graduate Student ID: $20.00
Initial or Replacement Faculty/Staff ID: Must have signed HR Employee ID Authorization Form
Lost/Stolen Student ID Replacement: $20.00
Damaged Student ID Replacement: $20.00
Change of Photo/Name: $20.00 (Certain preferred name policies may apply. See WCU Guidelines on Preferred Names)
Nursing Clinical ID Badge: $10.00

Forms of Payment at the Ram Card Office:

Cash, Check/Money Order (made payable to: SSI Ram Card), Ram Bucks, Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover only; $2 administrative fee applies for all credit/debit card transactions)

Online Transaction Administrative Fee (for Ram Bucks deposits made on the Ram Card website):

$2.00 per transaction

*All fees are subject to change without notice.

Take care of your Ram e Card! Your Ram Card should be treated with the same care as a credit or ATM card. The magnetic stripe on the back of your card should be protected from scratches, cuts, and other obstructions such as stickers, tape, or clips which can all keep the card from functioning properly.

If your card becomes lost, stolen, damaged, or will no longer swipe, get a new one!

See Terms & Conditions link for more information