Mount Money and Flex Dollars

Save time and money using Mount Money and Flex Dollars

Mount Money works like a debit plan. Deposit funds into your account and use your MOUNT Card for purchases all over the campus. All students and employees have Mount Money accounts. Mount Money will rollover from semester to semester and any amount of $5.00 or more is refundable when you leave the University.

Flex Dollars is the flexible dining account. Flex Dollars can be used at Patriot Hall, Mount Cafe, Emmit's Street Eats, Saxby's and the Bookstore (grocery items only). Purchases made at Patriot Hall, Emmit's Street Eats and the Mount Cafe are tax free when using Flex. All meal plans include varying amounts of Flex Dollars, but even if you opted out of a meal plan you can still use Flex Dollars. All students have Flex Dollar accounts and may deposit funds into their account during the semester. Flex Dollars will rollover from the Fall semester to the Spring semester. All unused Flex Dollars will be forfeited at the end of each Spring semester.

*You cannot withdraw cash from Mount Money or Flex Dollars.*