One account does it all....

The Wiscard Account can be used at over 60 locations across campus. Use it to purchase meals and snacks, textbooks, school supplies, computer accessories and much more.

Why Use The Wiscard Account?
It's easier to manage than a checkbook and easier to budget with than cash. To use your Wiscard account, simply present your UW ID to the cashier. The amount of purchase is automatically deducted. Keeping track of your balance is easy, too. Your receipt shows you how much money you have left in your account or manage your account online to check your balance and transaction history.

You decide how much money to keep in your account. Wiscard can be a primary meal account or used just to cover lunches, snacks and occasional purchases while you're on campus.

Safer than cash
With Wiscard there is no money stored on your ID card. If you lose your card, you can deactivate it immediately. For information on how deactivate your Wiscard click here.

Saves you money
The Babcock Dairy Store, University Housing and Wisconsin Union dining locations provide a 5% discount on all purchases. University Housing residents will save 30% on prepared food items and 20% on pre-packaged food items in University Housing dining locations instead of the 5% discount. Enrolled students are also exempt from sales tax per Wisconsin state statute and will save the additional 5.5% on food purchases at most campus dining locations.

Wiscard Office

Union South
1308 W Dayton St
Madison, WI 53715
Phone: (608) 262-3258