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Accounts and Plans Available
Below is a list of accounts and plans that you can use around campus.

RU Express is the student debit program on the Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway and Camden campuses.
RU Express is a cash-free alternative that works like a debit card. RU Express is accepted at many on-campus locations and as well as many off-campus locations.
Deposits may be added to a student's RU Express account anytime throughout the semester. For additional RU Express information visit

New Brunswick - 50 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 75 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 110 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 150 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 210 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 255 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 285 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - Guest

Camden Fall Basic

Camden Fall Deluxe

Camden Fall Apartment

Camden Fall Commuter 1

Camden Fall Commuter 2

Camden Spring Basic

Camden Spring Deluxe

Camden Spring Apartment

Camden Spring Commuter 1

Camden Spring Commuter 2

NB Employee - 7 Meal

NB Employee - 14 Meal

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RU Express Online
(848) 932-8041
Fall and spring semester:
M-F: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Winter and summer break:
M-F: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

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