Accounts and Plans Available

Below is a list of accounts and plans that you can use around campus.

New Brunswick - DoS Meal Plan

RU Express

RU Express is the student debit program on the Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway and Camden campuses.
RU Express is a cash-free alternative that works like a debit card. RU Express is accepted at many on-campus locations and as well as many off-campus locations.
Deposits may be added to a student's RU Express account anytime throughout the semester. For additional RU Express information visit

New Brunswick - 50 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 75 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 120 Meal Plan

Formerly the 110 meal plan.

New Brunswick - 150 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 210 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 255 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - 285 Meal Plan

New Brunswick - Guesting Ability

If you have one of the seven New Brunswick meal plans, you have the ability to use up to 10 of your own meals for someone else. If you guest someone in, one of your own meals will be deducted and your guesting ability counter will also be deducted. If you don't have anymore regular meals, you can not guest someone in, regardless of what your guest counter indicates, as it is only a counter.

New Brunswick - Retail Daily Limit

This allows you to track how many times you've utilized your meal plan at dining hall takeout and retail locations. Meal plan holders are only allowed to utilize their meal swipes up to three(3) times on a daily basis across all dining hall takeout/retail locations. This limit does not apply when swiping in to dine inside a dining hall.

Camden Fall Basic

Camden Fall Deluxe

Camden Fall Apartment

Camden Spring Basic

Camden Spring Deluxe

Camden Spring Apartment

NB Employee - 14 Meal

NB Employee - 7 Meal