ID Terms and Agreement

  • 1. Cash withdrawals are not permitted. If merchandise is being returned that was purchased with Campus$$, the refund must be added back to the account. Cash refunds are not allowed.

  • 2. Unless concluding student enrollment, or leaving University employment as a staff or faculty member, closing an account without proof of status may incur a $5.00 fee. Due to the processing costs, balances of $5.00 or less will be forfeited at closing.

  • 3. Campus Dollars: When you are ending your association with the University you should go to the ID Office to request a refund. We ask that you spend amounts under $5.00. Amounts over $5.00 will be refunded by check and mailed to the cardholder. When you are no longer associated with the University and your account is inactive it will automatically be closed and remaining funds, if any, will be forfeited.

        Dining Dollars: Dining dollars are part of an RL&DS meal plan. At the start of the new contact year any funds remaining from the previous year will be forfeited.

  • 4. Restitution is required for overdrafts resulting from off-line transactions.

  • 5. If your card is lost or stolen you are responsible for all transactions until your card is reported missing. Report a lost or stolen card using one of the following:

  •      a. Login to the online card office at (available 24/7).
  •      b. Call the WyoOne ID office (307) 766-5267 during business hours.
  •      c. After business hours call UW Police (307)766-5179.

  • 6. The WyoOne ID office is non-transferable. If a cashier or reader attendant discovers that it is not you using the card they may retain the card. You will then have to purchase a replacement card.

  • 7. ID Photos: WyoOne ID photos can be released and used for official university business.

  • 8. These terms are subject to change without prior notification.