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New Online Deposit Application
GET Funds

As part of the recent migration to the campus card system, the UCard Office has implemented a new online deposit application called GET Funds Several features of the old card system, including adding funds to debit accounts, checking account balances, and looking at account transaction histories, have been moved to this new online application.

The following is a list of what has changed on the web site, what has remained the same, and where you should go to find particular information or perform certain tasks.

Features that don't require you to log in

  • Making an Online Deposit
    The ability to add funds to a UCard debit account has moved to the new GET Funds site. To make a deposit, simply go to the GET Funds site, click on "Make a Deposit (No Login Required!), and then follow the instructions.

  • Getting General Information:
    General information about the UCard, the UCard Debit Acccount, and the UCard Office are still available on the old site.

Features that require you to log in

  • Registering to the Web Sites:
    As GET Funds and the Online Card Office are two separate sites, they require separate logins. To use both sites, you unfortunately must register to both sites. Down the road, the online card office will be phased out, and you will only need one login.

    Click here to register to the Online Card Office. The site will ask you for your UCard debit account number. Type that in and click the Next button. An initial password will be emailed to your official UMass email address. You can then log in to the site using your UCard debit account number as your username and the password you were sent. Once you are logged into the site, you can change the password to whatever you would like.

    Click here to sign up for our new GET Funds site You will need to fill out a brief form that includes your UMass email address and you UCard debit account number. You will also choose your initial password. Once you have completed the form, you will click the Register button. You will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions on the email and then you can log in using your UMass email address as your login, and the password you chose. Once you are logged into the site, you can change the password to whatever you would like.

  • Making Quick Deposits:
    In addition to the normal way of making a deposit, Get Funds! also allows cardholders to store credit card information. To use this function, you would login to the site and then click the "Add credit card" link. After you've saved your credit card information, you could then click "Add funds". Instead of entering all your credit card info, you would only need to supply the deposit amount and the CVV number of your credit card.

  • Checking Balances:
    All debit account balances were moved to the new Get Funds! application. The old system will still display balances, but they are stale. They are the balances as of 08/07/12. To get your current balances you should log onto GET Funds.

  • Checking Transaction Histories:
    Transaction histories up through 08/07/12 are stored in the old site. Transaction histories from 08/08/12 and later are stored in the GET Funds site.

  • Suspending/Reactivating Lost Cards:
    This functionality has been removed from the old site. You must log into the GET Funds site to report a card as lost (turn it off), or to report a card as found (turn it back on).

    Please note that door access is not controlled by the UCard system, so you will still need to contact Housing Services (413-545-0194) to report a card lost or found if you have residential door access privileges.

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