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Parent, Family, Friend FAQ
1. Can parents, family, and friends purchase Red Hawk Dollars for a student?
Yes. Click on the Add Cash Now button and know the student's 8 digit Montclair State University CWID #.

2. Why can't parents view the students account balance and activity online?
According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) we are unable to share this information. The law is designed to protect the privacy of the students. The student may grant access up to ten people to view the account details. Click Here for FERPA guidelines.

3. Can this account be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products?
No. Alcohol and tobacco are not sold on campus.

4. How can my son or daughter withdraw cash from this account?
Cash withdrawals are not permitted from Red Hawk Dollar accounts. Account closures are permitted upon graduation or official withdrawal from the University.

5. What happens to funds at the end of each semester?
The funds deposited into a Red Hawk Dollars account remain active as long as a student remains registered for classes.

6. Why not just use a Credit or Debit Card?
Credit cards are not accepted at all locations on campus. Red Hawk Dollars purchases are confined to campus and select off campus merchants (coming March 2015).

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University Net ID
Grant additional access
Give access to up to ten people to see your online account.
Request Money
Let us send an email to a friend or relative for you!
Low Balance Warning
A low balance warning email can be sent to you and others.
Automatic Deposits
Setup recurring deposits when your balance gets too low.
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