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Information for Merchants

Many of you have asked for it, and now we can offer it! Towson University and Off-Campus Advantage (OCA) have teamed up to bring the Towson ID Card (the OneCard) aboard the OCA network. Traditionally, students have been able to use their OneCard accounts for a variety of on-campus purchases including dining, bookstore purchases, vending and laundry. With OCA, starting in the spring semester, students will be able to use their ID cards off-campus as a form of payment.

Through this partnership, OCA builds an off-campus merchant network and creates integrated marketing initiatives to educate students on where to use their ID cards on and off campus. The marketing leverages University communication channels, including flyers, hand-outs, and signage to encourage students and parents to make deposits onto the OneCard account. Not only do OCA merchants benefit from the targeted marketing, but they also have access to a pool of funds previously unavailable.

Towson University joins a growing list of schools that includes James Madison University, Catholic University and York College that are utilizing OCA's expertise in enhancing University one-card programs and creating local merchant networks.

As we work with OCA to expand off-campus, OCA is selecting merchants based on student research and survey. Students have chosen your location as one of the businesses they want on the OCA network and we invite you to join the program. If you are interested in becoming a member of the OCA merchant network, please call an Off-Campus Advantage representative at 1-877-636-2002 ext. 2.

We look forward to working with you.
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Auxiliary Services Business Office
Auxiliary Services Business Office
Towson University
University Union, Room 111
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001
Phone: 410-704-ASBO (2726)

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