Department Card Info

Department cards are used for entertaining visiting faculty, lecturers, professors and prospective students. A department card utilizes the PacificCash tender system that is similar to what individuals have on their personal PacificCard, but instead of personally pre-loading funds for use, a department card is linked to a department's index code and has a monthly credit limit assigned. At the end of each calendar month, the department card balance used is refreshed and returned to $0. Any charges made during the previous month are charged to the index code assigned and account 7125.

Department cards with balances available for use are accepted at all dining facilities on the Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco campuses.

A department card is required to make a purchase from the Stockton Campus Bookstore using a University funds (index code).

Department cards may also be used at non-food establishments on a 'per department approved' basis. These additional areas are:
ASUOP, Baun Fitness Center, Stockton Campus Mailroom, Stockton Campus Duplicating

All department card purchases are subject to audit at any time. Each card MUST have it's own unique number.

A department business manager may request a department card by opening a support request. Email with the following information:
1. Department name
2. Department name as is you wish it to appear on the department card (i.e. Admissions 1, Admissions 2)
3. Index code to be charged for transactions
4. Amount of monthly credit limit.
5. Employee name, email and phone number who will be in charge of the card.

The PacificCard Office will process requests and respond with an email when completed.