Deposit with a credit card

This is your TUid number. It is nine digits and begins with a 9. It is NOT the TUa.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i number!
Using this form you can add value to your Diamond Dollars account and the funds will be available for immediate use. The minimum credit card deposit is $10.

****** Please Note ******
Temple University has made the difficult decision to discontinue use of the Diamond Dollars Program effective May 15, 2024. Please make arrangements to spend your available Diamond Dollars by that date. If you have funds left after that date, please make sure you have set up Direct Deposit with the university (if a student through TUPay and if an employee through TUPortal). This will assist with the refunding of your unused $$. Refunds will be generated for balances greater than $10. Thank you for using Diamond Dollars - whether for one year or for 25 years!!!

****** Please Note ******
Effective July 1, 2018, all credit card deposits via this website will be assessed a $1.50 convenience fee. You will be given an opportunity during the transaction to cancel to avoid paying this fee. We accept cash or checks in person or via mail at our office and cash in person at our Value Transfer Station on the second floor of the TECH Center.

****** Please Note ******
Due to more recent Internet Security Requirements, persons using older versions of Windows and/or Internet Explorer may experience timeout issues when making a deposit. To provide the most secure environment for your payment data, beginning March 1, 2019, the following are minimum browser versions for our system:

Chrome - 48+
Firefox - 42+
Edge - 42+
Internet Explorer - 10+
Opera - 37+
Safari - 7.1+


iOS Safari 7.1+
Android Browser 4.4+
Chrome Mobile - 48+