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Purchase Meal Plans Online June 01, 2010

Students can Purchase Meal Plans Online!
BE SURE TO READ ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Some Terms and Conditions are displayed on the website. All Terms and Conditions are displayed when completing a meal plan purchase.

In your MyBYU campus links, select School, then My Dining Account.
Purchase, cancel*, or change your meal plan.
*Helaman Halls residents are required to have a meal plan. Meal Plans may only be canceled until the first day of the contracted period.

For more information visit or contact the Meal Plan Office, 801-422-6944, 100 SASB.
Student Meal Plans September 01, 2009

Student Meal Plans

There's no need to go off campus for lunch when there are so many options right here at Brigham Young University. BYU Meal Plans are available to students living on or off campus. Whether you live in Wymount, Glenwood, Liberty Square, a house in Orem and or any other location, you can purchase a meal plan.

Meal Plans

There are many reasons to get a meal plan. The most obvious benefit is that you can save money. With rising food costs, it makes sense to purchase a meal plan. You'll get discounted rates at The Commons at the Cannon Center. You'll also save money on gas because you won't have to leave campus for lunch or go to the grocery store as frequently.

Another benefit is that you won't have to do dishes very often. Your roommates won't be able to blame you for the messy kitchen. When you have a meal plan, you don't need to pack your backpack full of leftovers or go through the hassle of locating a microwave on campus to heat your food. You also don't need to worry about carrying a bulky wallet around. The meal plan is accessed via your ID card, so your BYU ID is all you need.

Perhaps the biggest perk is that you will save time. Without having to cook or travel home for lunch, you will have more time to read, study, watch TV or hang out with friends. You'll get more done during the day and you'll probably start to eat healthier as well. It's a short walk down to The Commons at the Cannon Center or The Blue Line Deli & Market and still have time to write your paper for your next class.

Protecting Your Account When Your Card is Lost or Stolen June 01, 2009

Protecting Your Account

If your card is misplaced, lost or stolen, you can place a flag on it which will protect it from unauthorized users. You can do this by going to the PERSONALIZE Menu on the right side of this page and clicking on the Lost/Stolen Card link. You can also use this link to re-activate your card if it is recovered. Stolen cards should be reported to the ID Center as quickly as possible. This gives us the best opportunity to recover your card and protect your account. Failure to notify the ID Center within two business days may increase the cardholder's liability for unauthorized transactions.
University Policy Governing Tuition and Fees May 01, 2006


Changes made in 2006 to the University's policy governing "Tuition and Fees" payments with Visa banking cards, necessitate the following Signature Card policies: Signature Card accounts will no longer be authorized for "Tuition and Fees" payments. Closing or emergency cash withdrawls from your Signature Card account will be limited to one weekly withdrawal with a maximum amount of $300.00. The $10.00 processing fee will continue.
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