Hawk$ merchants

Hawk$$ are funds deposited to your ID card that can be used for anything from books at the Campus Bookstore to meals at dining service locations and at several local businesses.

Your Hawk Dollars account is separate from the meal plan, and since Hawk Dollar sales are subject to the 8% NYS sales tax, any unused money (greater than $5) can be refunded to you at the end of the semester at your request. The minimum to open up a Hawk Dollar account is $25. Stop by the Campus Card office (SUB 64) to sign up or simply add here online with MC or Visa.
Convenient Deli
Main Course
Shop Rite
Plaza Diner
Village Pizza
Carry Out Kings
Jack's Meats and Deli
Coca-Cola Vending Machines on campus
The Bookstore @ New Paltz


    Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Meal Plans Options

  • Carte Blanche $2,400 per semester

  • The Carte Blanche program offers unlimited access to Peregrine Dining Hall on a continual basis. Come and go when you want, as often as you want, and eat as much as you want! The Carte Blanche plan is the required meal plan for all first-year students during their first and second semester but is also recommended for those with hearty appetites. This plan also includes 3 guest meals per semester so you can bring a friend! $300 Dining Dollars are also included.

  • The Ten $2,400 per semester

  • This plan includes 10 meals per week (Monday thru Sunday) at Peregrine Dining Hall. If you eat around 2 meals per day or are off-campus some weekends, this may be the best plan for you. This plan also includes 3 guest meals per semester and $950 Dining Dollars

  • The Three $2,400 per semester

  • This plan includes 3 meals per week (Monday thru Sunday) at Peregrine Dining Hall, along with $1,550 dining dollars to be used at any of the dining areas on campus. 3 guest meals per semester are also included.

  • Commuter
  • Do you live off campus but find yourself dining with us often? A commuter meal plan may be the best choice for you.
    Dining Dollars may be added in increments of $25 to suit your own personal needs. We'll even give you some free money!
    If you add $100, you get $10 free, and if you add $200, you get $25 free!
    Better yet, all purchases made with Dining Dollars are free of sales tax. That's a savings of 8% with each purchase!
    Visit SUB064 to ask about bonuses.