SUNY New Paltz

March 26,2020-
Until further notice please call our office directly to add funds to cards.
Card Services- 845-257-3034 Mon-Friday 8:30-4:45

In order to use this site to view your account information, you must first register. Click the "I'm new here" link in the upper right and follow instructions given. The system will email you your password. Please make sure you enter the correct email address.
Family members who would like to add funds without a login can use the "ADD CASH NOW" link in the upper left. You will need to know the students Banner number and what funds they are allowed to add to online.
If you add funds and the student does not have access to that account yet the transaction will be voided by the system BUT will keep a hold on the funds against the credit card used for up to 3 business days. If you are not sure PLEASE call us and we will be happy to add the funds or let you know what funds your student has access to. Please remember this site only takes Mastercard or Visa.

To change your meal plan

Log on to your account Click on the "Students" tab
Click on the "Money" link
Choose the "My Student Account" link
Make sure you are viewing the correct semester.
Click "Change My Meal Plan"
**Please note you are allowed only one change per semester

You cannot change your meal plan on this site

You cannot add to Commuter or dining dollars unless the account is opened within our office first. Everyone has access to the Hawk$ account automatically. If you do not know what accounts you have access to please call us we will be happy to tell you.
We can be reached at 845-257-3034 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm
Summer hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

***Funds added through my.CASaccount are ineligible for bonuses.

Once funds are added they cannot be refunded or transferred. If you need assistance please feel free to call us before making the deposit.

FALL 2019
Last day to change your meal plan for Fall 2019 - Friday September 6th 5PM
Last day to use your meal plan - Thursday December 19th
Last day to change your meal plan for Spring 2020 - Friday Jan 31st 5PM
Last day to use your meals at Peregrine Dining Hall - Friday May 15th
Dining dollars can be used until 3PM Sunday May 17th

Unused dining dollars from the Fall Semester will roll over to the Spring Semester provided there is a meal plan purchased for the Spring Semester.
Any unspent dining dollars at the end of the Spring semester will be forfeited.

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