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Automatic Deposits
Worried about running out of money? Don't want to hassle with having to remember to make a deposit when your funds are low? Visit the Automatic Deposits section of the Personalize Your Card menu to configure recurring deposits based upon your balance.

My Tri-C Card
Welcome to the Tri-C Card Center online account management web site! Manage your Tri-C Card here.

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Tri-C Home | My Tri-C Card Office | --U.S. Patent No. 6,963,857
Grant additional access
Give access to up to four people to see your online account.
Request Money
Let us send an email to a friend or relative for you!
Low Balance Warning
A low balance warning email can be sent to you and others.
Automatic Deposits
Setup recurring deposits when your balance gets too low.
My Tri-C Card Office
The Enrollment Center
Is your My Tri-C Card Office

Hours and locations are listed under "Info Menu" on the left

Call 1 800 954 8742 Option 3

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