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<font color=red>Go to My Dining Account to Manage your Meal Plan Go to My Dining Account to Manage your Meal Plan
Go to MyBYU, My Dining Account to add more Dining Dollars to your Meal Plan. All deposits made on this website go to your Signature Card account.

Signature Card Office

The Signature Card account is accessed via your ID card. The ID card also provides access to Meal Plans, campus residence halls, libraries, academic buildings and Athletic Facilities.

SpacerJun 01, 2010: Purchase Meal Plans Online
SpacerMay 01, 2006: University Policy Governing Tuition and Fees
SpacerJun 01, 2009: Protecting Your Account When Your Card is Lost or Stolen
SpacerSep 01, 2009: Student Meal Plans
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Give A Guest Access
Give access to parents and guests
Low Balance Warning
Notify Me When My Balance Is Low
Request Money
Send an email requesting money
Automatic Deposits
Setup recurring deposits when your balance gets too low.
Signature Card Services
Sat, Jun 22: 10am-4pm
Thu, Jul 4: CLOSED
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Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

*Closed for Devotionals and Forums
Tuesdays 10:50 am-12:00 noon

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