The WyoOne ID Office will be participating in Admitted Student Day on May 20. Due to the large volume of students we are expecting to come through the office, we will be unable to provide general card printing and passport services.

A New Door System on Campus Means New Cards for All

New WyoOne ID Image

  • The new WyoOne ID cards have an embedded chip that works with the new door systems.
  • If you have an older ID, any ID other than the one pictured, you will need to bring it in to have it exchanged at no cost
  • The new cards have a magstripe on the back allowing current card access to be retained, i.e. gym and/or library
  •         •If you are a student living in the dorms you will need to have your new card re-encoded to access your room.
  • The process for implementing a new door system ensures that appropriate access will be added to your card before the new doors go live.
  • If you experience any issues accessing the new doors with your card please let us know by filling out the WyoOne Card Issue form

To be eligible for a WyoOne ID, students must be admitted and registered for the current semester and faculty/staff need to be in the Human Resources system.

To receive your WyoOne ID you must present a government issued, photo ID, e.g. drivers license, passport, state identification card or a military ID.

It takes only a few minutes to print your ID but be prepared for lines during peak times of the year (orientation, move-in, and the beginning of the semester)

WyoOne ID Care:

  • Keep track of your card!
  • Do not punch a hole in your card.
  • Do not use a sharpie on the magstripe.
  • Do not use it as an ice scraper.
  • Do not wash your card.
  • Do not expose it to extreme heat or cold.
  • Do not bend your card.
  • Protect the magnetic strip on your card.
There is a replacement fee for any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

We're happy to answer your questions! Send us an email: