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Frequently Asked Questions
SpacerQ: What is UMoney?
SpacerQ: How do I grant account access to additional people?
SpacerQ: Is UMoney a debit card program?
SpacerQ: Where can I use my UMoney?
SpacerQ: Does my UMoney expire if I don't use it?
SpacerQ: How is my account protected?

Q: What is UMoney?
A: UMoney is a powerful feature of your Griz Card. It is a prepaid flexible spending account that allows you to purchase food, goods, and services at over 100 different locations both on and off campus. It is a separate account from your Dining Services or Commuter Meal Plan. Discover UMoney, the safe and easy way to make purchases using your Griz Card....just swipe and go!.
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Q: How do I grant account access to additional people?
A: Once you have created your account login and signed in for the first time, you will see a 'Grant additional access' link on the right sidebar. Click on the link to navigate to the correct page. Enter their e-mail address and we will send them a password and notify them that access has been granted.
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Q: Is UMoney a debit card program?
A: Not quite. UMoney is a prepaid flexible spending account, not a debit program. This means that you cannot withdraw cash from of your UMoney account like you could with a Debit Card. UMoney may only be used at one of our many vendors located both on and off-campus.
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Q: Where can I use my UMoney?
A: We maintain a list of all UMoney Merchants on the main Griz Card Center website.
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Q: Does my UMoney expire if I don't use it?
A: No. Your UMoney does not expire as long as you are affiliated with the University. Balances roll over from one semester into the next. UMoney is not a use-it-or-lose-it program, it is a use-it-whenever-you-like program.
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Q: How is my account protected?
A: Your UMoney card is also your University ID Card, so when you present it for purchases you will be providing the merchant with your photo and signature. Our merchants are then responsible to make sure the person using the Griz Card matches the photo ID and signature.
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