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Online Razorbuck$ (Rb$) Access - Campus Card Office

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Do you want to allow others to see your ID Card activity online?
Visit the Grant additional access section of the Personalize menu to grant access to up to four people to allow them to see your activity online without having to surrender your own password.

Is your card missing?
If you have misplaced your card or you think it is being used fraudulently, visit the Is your ID missing? section of the Personalize menu to deactivate your account.

Need money from mom and dad?
Visit the Request Money section of the Personalize menu and let us send an email on your behalf to request additional funds on your card from a friend or relative.

Low Balance Warning
Visit the Low Balance Warning section of the Personalize Your Card menu to configure an automatic reminder email to be sent once your balance drops below a set amount. You can even send a copy to a friend or relative.

Deposit by credit/debit card

Add value to Razorbuck$ by credit/debit card

Using this form you can add value to your Razorbuck$ account and the funds will be available for immediate use.

Please use only MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover branded credit cards.

Deposits must be a minimum of $5.00.

Enter your credit card number only, no dashes or spaces.

There is duplication protection on this site. If you wish to make more than 1 deposit within a few hours of each other, please use different amounts for each (ex. 5.00, 6.00, 7.00 etc. )

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