Automatic Deposits

With Automatic Deposit, funds are automatically deposited to your RaiderCard when they are less than your specified minimum amount. Listed below are any automatic deposits you have previously set up. You must be logged in to see your automatic deposits. You can inactivate them at any time by simply unchecking the "Enabled" checkbox and clicking the Save button. To make a change to your Automatic Deposit, simply make any necessary changes and click the Save button.

If you don't see any automatic deposits below, you can set up an automatic deposit on the Make a Deposit page. Instructions for setting up an automatic deposit are listed below:

Set up Automatic Deposit:
1. Ensure you are logged in. This can be done by clicking here .
2. Navigate to the Make a Deposit page.
3. Check the "Enable automatic deposits" box.
4. Enter a value in the "When Balance Falls Below" text box. We recommend a minimum account balance of at least $5.00, so you always have money for parking!
4. Select the week day or the day of the month that you want the automatic deposit to occur on.
5. Select the automatic deposit end date. This is the date that you no longer want funds to be automatically deposited onto your RaiderCard. If you are taking classes, we recommend that you select a date near the end of the semester, so your RaiderCard is funded for the duration of the semester.
6. Select the "Continue To Payment" button.

You must be logged in to use this feature.