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Accounts and Plans Available
Below is a list of accounts and plans that you can use around campus.

Faculty Staff 25 Meal Plan

Faculty/Staff Plan III (25 meals)

Off Campus 50

Off Campus III (50 meals + $500 Flex$)


Your Razorbuck$ account allows you to make meal, bookstore, coffee purchases, etc., using your ID card. Funds may be transferred from your bank account to your student account online.

Flex Dollars

Part of the meal plan that may be used for food and beverage purchases at Campus Dining retail facilities on campus (Club Red convenience stores, Union Market Food Court, and RZ's Coffeehouse.) Non refundable. Re-loadable in two increments of $50 per semester. Expires at the end of each semester.



Department Copy Card

Unlimited Plus

Unlimited Plus (no limit meals + $140 Flex$)

10 Meal Plan

10 (10 meals/week + $115 Flex$)

15 Meal Plan

15 (15 meals/week + $65 Flex$)

Off Campus 80

Off Campus I (80 meals + $40 Flex$)

Faculty/Staff 50 Meal Plan

Faculty/Staff Plan II (50 meals)

Meal Trade

15 Plus

15 Plus (15 meals/week + $165 Flex$)

Junior Senior 7 meals

Faculty/Staff 100

Faculty/Staff Plan I (100 meals)

CE Satellite

Off Campus 25

Off Campus II (25 meals + $55 Flex$)

Fraternity Accommodation 7

Bookstore Fellows

Sigma Nu 1

Sigma Nu 2

Spring Int. Ford

Spring Int. Flex

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