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Account Types
The following accounts may be available on your PacificCard™:


PacificCash is a deposit account where students, faculty and staff have the privilege to place funds in a self managed account to make purchases on or off campus at various retail services including vending, food service, printing and copying. This benefit makes life as a University family member convenient when making purchases.

DCB Meal Plan

Dining Dollars (DCB Meal Plan) are available at the beginning of the term/semester along with your Pacific on campus housing agreement. All Dining Dollars can be used during the Winter and Spring school breaks at facilities open during these periods. Up to 300 Dining Dollars may be carried forward from the fall semester to the spring semester (Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring for Pharmacy students). Dining Dollars not spent by the end of the academic year will be forfeited.

For Meal Plan purchasing please contact the Housing and Greek Life Office at:
(209) 946-2331

Bookstore Charge

Upon financial acceptance to the University you will be able to charge at the Stockton Campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore using your PacificCard during the enrolled period at school. The charges incurred will be posted to your student account directly.

Department Card

Departments can add money to a card in the form of PacificCash and use it where PacificCash is accepted. This Department Card cannot be used at our off-site merchants. For more information on how to get a Department Card contact the PacificCard Office.

Tiger Wash

Tiger Wash is Housing and Greek Life's new system to provide free laundry service in all its residence halls, apartment communities, and University-owned Greek houses. Each on campus resident has a Tiger Wash credit limit of $25 for the semester. This credit limit costs you nothing and is already loaded on your PacificCard. Each wash and dry registers as $0.25 each and this amount will count towards your $25 Tiger Wash credit limit.

SF Bookstore Credit

The San Francisco Campus, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Bookstore will soon be allowing you to simply present your PacificCard to complete payment for transactions using your student account. More information to come soon!

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The Stockton Campus PacificCard Office is located behind Anderson Hall immediately South of the McCaffrey Center.
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM

(209) 946-2273


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