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One Card - Two Accounts
Your Campus ID Card is encoded to allow you to make deposits into either the Panther Access Credit Account or the Flight Instruction Account or if you are an employee you can select the Meal Plan or Employee Flex Plan also. Deposits can be made by credit card and are available for immediate use. To make a deposit, log in and click the appropriate deposit link to the left.

Panther Credit Account

The Panther Credit Account is a convenient debit plan to access a wide variety of on campus goods and services. This account is available to all students, faculty and staff who have a Florida Tech ID card. The Panther Credit Account will free you from carrying cash on campus and is the preferred method of payment for speedy transactions. Use your Panther Credit Account at:

  •     All Dining Locations
  •     Vending Machines (select machines equipped with card readers)
  •     Laundry
  •     Bookstore
  •     Copy Center
  •     Library Copy Machines
  •     Health Center
  •     Printing
  •     FIT Aviation

Flight Instruction Account

This account is used exclusively by Flight Students and it's the only method of payment accepted for the following services at FIT Aviation.

  •     Flight Instructors
  •     Airplane Rental
  •     Fuel
The Panther Card account may be used at FIT Aviation Pilot Store for books and general flight accessories.

Employee Flex Credit Account

This is your Food Plan Flex Credit Account. Your Flex Plan is good at all Dining locations and Vending machines with the proper balance.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan (Employees Only)

This Meal Plan is for Florida Tech Employees only. This is a great Meal Plan Package and is only good at the Panther Dining Hall location.

Flex Credit Account

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