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Accounts Available
Below is a list of accounts that you can use around campus.

Bronco Express

Bronco Dollars is your general purpose debit account. You can purchase stuff all over campus, from food to laundry to books. This is your main bronco-card account.

Bronco Bucks

Bronco Bucks are funds placed into a debit account based on which meal plan the student has been assigned. Bucks can be used to purchase meals or items at Bronco Grill, Java City Cafe, Cafeteria, and C-3 Express (SBE). Balances can be viewed at any location at the register. Also students can view their accounts at the PHIL deposit stations located in the Chestnut Library (student lounge) and Bronco Grill (lobby). Please note that Bronco Bucks must be used by the end of each semester. Unused balances will be forfeited and will not rollover to the next semester.

Book Voucher

Book Vouchers are funds placed on a student debit account that allows students to be able to get books and supplies that are not covered by the book rental program. Eligible students have funds posted to their active Bronco ID usually 48 hours after being approved by the Student Accounts Department.

Meal Plans

All students who stay on campus are required to have a meal plan. Freshman who stay on campus are required to have the All Access block meal plan. Upperclassmen may change their meal plan during the first 2 weeks of the semester. All students residing in UPA or on Main campus are eligible for the 140 or 240 block meal plan. Commuter students are free to choose any of the block meal plans. Meal plans are reset at the end of each semester and do not rollover, unused meals are forfeited.

Meal Plan Change Deadline!!!!

FALL 2016 TBD.

All Access Block Meal Plan

The student receives an unlimited amount of meals to be use throughout the semester.

240 Block Meal Plan

The student receives 240 meals to be used throughout the semester. This meal plan is equivalent to 2 meals per day for 16 weeks.

140 Block Meal Plan

The student receives 140 meals to be used throughout the semester. This meal plan is equivalent to 10 meals per week for 16 weeks. This meal plan available for ALL upperclassman.

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Bronco Card Office
Bronco Card Office
Located in Grace Black Circle
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Telephone Number
(910) 672-1762/2310
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