Cardinal Card Accounts

Programs for students, faculty, staff & departments

Cardinal Cash

Cardinal Cash is a campus administered debit card program that will not dispense cash. It is a convenience account that enables cardgolders to use their Cardinal Card to pruchase goods & services. Cardholders spend their funds on-campus and at participating off-campus vendors. The account is owned by the cardholder and there are no service fees.

Express Dollars

Express Dollars are debit funds included with meal plan that may be used in Campus Express (campus convenience store) or any dining venue. Additional Express Dollars may be added by calling the College Auxiliary Services office at 518-564-2035 during normal business hours.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars is the debit account attached to the meal plan. Dollars are accepted at all campus dining venues and Campus Express (limited to food, beverage & healthy-beauty items). Dining Dollars may be added at anytime by calling College Auxiliary Services office at 564-2035.

Anytime Meal Plan

View balance and history information for the Anytime Meal Plan.

Flex 120 + $900

Balance of Flex Meals.

Flex 150

Balance of Flex Meals.

Flex 120 + $450

Balance of Flex Meals.

Late Night Meal

Balance of Daily Late Night Meal

Guest Passes Account

Guest Passes are essentially meals that can be self-used or to take a friend/family/relative to dine with you. You must be with the Guest and can not assign your card to someone else.

Faculty Dining Dollars

Faculty Dining Dollars - are a meal plan debit account for faculty/staff. Debit funds may be used at any food service venue on campus and have a discounted rate when used in Clinton, Algonquin or Little Al's take-out. Faculty Dining Dollars are subject to sales tax.