Accounts and Plans Available

Below is a list of accounts and plans that you can use around campus. For complete AppCard details, please visit the AppCard website.

Fall 2020 Bookstore Transfer

Student Express Accounts

The Appalachian Express Account is an optional account that may be set up for a student's convenience. This account allows for funds to be deposited and then accessed by the AppCard in specific campus locations. The Express Account is separate from the Meal Account, but it is still accessed by the AppCard.

Meal Accounts

Having a Meal Account allows a student to purchase food and food-related items from all Food Services locations, vending machines, at The Markets (campus convenience stores) and for Bake Shop or Catering purchases. All students living in residence halls are required to purchase a Meal Account.

Faculty/Staff Debit Express Accounts

This account is available to all employees, including temporary employees. It works just like a debit card, and you can deposit additional funds at any time either in the AppCard Office or online.

Faculty/Staff Charge Express Accounts

This account is available to full-time permanent Faculty or Staff members. It acts like a credit card with balances being paid by way of simple payroll deduction.

Department Print

Department Print is Available to University Departments, and Must be Opened and Maintained at the Appcard Office. Budget Codes can be Used to Assign Value to the Card.