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USCard Plans
Programs for students, faculty, staff & departments
USCard plans and services are designed with the needs of specific customer groups in mind. Students can elect discretionary accounts while faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the payroll deduction program. Contact us with ideas and questions!

AC Cardinal Meals

AC Apartment Meals

AC Apartment Meals RA

AC Cardinal Guest Meals

AC Cardinal RA

AC Community 25 Meals

AC Community 50 Meals

AC Gold

AC Gold Guest Meals

AC Honors House Meals

AC Honors House RA Meals

AC Spring Community 25

AC Spring Community 50

Apartment Plan $

Apartment Plan RA $

Community 25

Community 50

Galen 2

Galen 3

Galen 5

Gold Dining Dollars

Gold RA Dining $s

Payroll Deduction Bi-Weekly

Spring Community 25

Spring Community 50

Student Debit

Summer Community 25 $

Summer Community 25 Meals

Summer Community 50 $

Summer Community 50 Meals

Trojan Dining Dollars

Employee Payroll Deduction - Monthly

USCard's payroll Deduction Program establishs a credit based service for facutly and staff. It is easy to turn your University ID into a credit account accepted at just about every point-of-sale system on campus.

Meal Plan Dollars (aka Dining Dollars)

Meal Plan Dollars, also known as Dining Dollars, is a spend down account. The allotment is based upon the meal plan you have selected. The Trojan, Gold, Apartment, Community 25 & 50 Plans all have Dining Dollars for use in USC Hospitality, University Park Campus, Retail and Residential Dining Venues. To find out more about your meal plan & the terms/conditions, review your contract or visit

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