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USCard Plans
Programs for faculty, staff & departments
USCard plans and services are designed with the needs of specific customer groups in mind. Students can elect discretionary accounts while faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the payroll deduction program. Contact us with ideas and questions!

Departmental Copy Card

USCard now offers a quick and easy way to process your departmental printing needs: the Departmental Copy Card. It's quick, it's easy and USCard can provide transactional detail reports for your card upon request to assist with your auditing and reconciliation needs.

Complete the application/deposit form and turn it in to our customer service office in Commons. You'll get your card immediately and can start making purchases. Stop by today and get your Departmental Copy Card!

TrojanTransportation Services Gas Card

Just Pump It! Now you can fill your tank at the Multi Force Gas Station with your USCard. TrojanTransportation Services has installed a gas station. It is located on the corner of 35th Street and Grand Avenue and open from 7:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Only USCard is accepted for payment.

So, if you are faculty or staff and eligible for payroll deduction, stop by the USCard Office and activate your payroll deduction today! Students, you can deposit discretionary funds at the USCard Office or Leavey Library Value Transfer Station. Departments interested in obtaining a TrojanTransportation Services Gas Card can stop by the USCard Office and request the Gas Card form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (213) 740-8709 or e-mail us at

Departmental Expenditure Card

USCard now offers a quick and easy way to process departmental expenditures: the Departmental Expenditure Card. Designed to make paying for such things as banquets, office supplies, printing services, and various other products easier and more convenient, the Departmental Expenditure Card eliminates paperwork and the time it takes to process it.

To obtain a Departmental Expenditure Card, complete the Departmental Expenditure Card Deposit Request Contract (the account number is assigned by the USCard Office after a request for the card is made).

Send one departmental requisition for the spending limit you desire the card to have (plus $5.00 for the cost of each card), to the USCard Customer Service Office in the Commons lobby.

Make sure you include the campus address you would like each card delivered to and the name and number of the department's contact person.

Your Departmental Expenditure Card will be delivered within three business days upon receipt of the original completed requisition.

For additional information please contact the USCard Customer Service Office at (213) 740-8709.

Employee Payroll Deduction Monthly

It's simple. Your USCard has a magnetic strip on the back allowing us to create an account for you much like your credit union or bank ATM card. Each time you make a purchase, simply present your USCard. The cashier will charge your purchase using our Campus Wide Transaction Processing system.

Each month the total amount of purchases made will then be deducted directly from your University paycheck. Use your Manage Your Account service to request on-line transactional statements and view your real-time balance or stop by the USCard Customer Service office to request your monthly statement.

Speciality Card Program

USCard Services produces identification cards for special events, conferences, sponsorships and memberships. Specialty cards can be customized to include the event logo, video image or other graphic representation. Cost varies slightly depending upon the requirements of the card and custom artwork involved. We have a gallery of university photos and images available for your use and can certainly offer suggestions. We would love to work with you to design just the right card!

Contact our Administrative Offices at 213-740-2044.

Departmental Expenditure

Directors Card

EFC Discretionary Account

Employee Payroll Deduction Bi-Weekly

Employee Payroll Deduction Hospital

Hospitality Fig Card

Trustee Card

VIP Card

Community/Apartment/Honors Meal Swipes

Community & Apartment Meal Swipes can be used interchangeably in EVK & Parkside Restaurant as a declining balance. The allotment is based upon the meal plan you have selected. Honors House Meal Swipes are for use at the Honors House for breakfast and dinner, Monday Friday during meal plan periods. To find out more about your meal plan & the terms/conditions, review your contract or visit

Meal Plan Dollars (aka Dining Dollars)

Meal Plan Dollars, also known as Dining Dollars, is a spend down account. The allotment is based upon the meal plan you have selected. The Trojan, Gold, Apartment, Community 25 & 50 Plans all have Dining Dollars for use in USC Hospitality, University Park Campus, Retail and Residential Dining Venues. To find out more about your meal plan & the terms/conditions, review your contract or visit

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