What is RebelCash?

5 for 25 repeat 10

5 for 25 repeat 20

All Access Unlimited

Commuter 25 Meals

Commuter 50 Meals

Commuter 75 Meals

Commuter 90 Meals

Commuter Repeat 180 Meals

Commuter Repeat 25 Meals

Commuter Repeat 50 Meals

Commuter Repeat 75 Meals

Commuter Repeat 90 Meals

Dining Dollars

Faculty Staff 20 Meals

Faculty Staff 40 Meals

Faculty Staff 60 Meals

Faculty Staff 80 Meals

Faculty/Staff 80 Free

Guest 10

Guest 120

Guest 5

Guest Meal Plan 15

RA Meal Plan 210

Resident 120 Meals

Resident 150 Meals

Resident 180 Meals

Resident 210 Meals

Resident 240 Meals

Resident 240 VIP

Resident Unlimited Meals

Resident Weekly 14 Meals


RebelCash is another way to pay for products and services on campus. Those products include such items as vending machine products, copy machines, printing, a meal at the Student Union or Dining commons, and your books at the BookStore. RebelCash can also be used off campus at select off campus locations.

Check out rebelcard.unlv.edu for more information on where and how to use your card!