Welcome to the online card office!

How to Add Mason Money on your Mason ID or Patron Card
1. Click on "Add Mason Money Here"
2. Agree to the Mason Money Terms
3. Enter your G number with the G in front of the number or your patron card number
4. Select the amount you would like to add
5. Complete payment information and submit

Purchasing a Meal Plan
To purchase a meal plan, click meal plan management on the left hand side of this page. Once the meal plan is selected, the charge will show up on the student account in one to two business days. After the charge appears, you have five days to pay the balance. The meal plan is ready to use immediately after selection, even if it has not been paid for yet.

Paying for your Meal Plan
To pay for the meal plan, click here to be directed to the student account. Any questions regarding how to pay the account balance can be directed to student_accounts@gmu.edu or 703-993-2484. Click here to be redirected to the Student Accounts Office homepage.

Adding more Freedom or Bonus Funds
To add more Freedom or Bonus, simply select the next level up of Freedom or Bonus. For example, if you have the Independence 100 plan, you would select the Independence 200 plan. You will then pay the difference between the two plans which is $100, and you will have $100 more in Bonus Funds. The same goes for Freedom Funds.


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